Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chainmail for Pippin--recap of the week's work

When I got an email from the people at Pippin to order a new chainmail tunic for their new lead actor, I was happy to take on the project.  Making chainmail for a Tony-award-winning show is one of the highlights of my career. 

So after sending the invoice, I ordered 22,000 rings and got started.

Starting a huge project is daunting, especially when you're working with that many rings.  There were enough rings to fill more than a 14" x 11" x 3.25" bin. 

From working on the chainmail wedding dress, I learned that the only want to get through a huge project was by making lots of little squares and then linking them together.  As soon as the rings arrived in the mail, I got working.  After 2 days, I had made 45 little squares.

After day 3, I had linked 70 squares:

After day 4, I had linked together 95 squares:

 Posting lots of little squares doesn't really give a sense of scope of the piece, so I made another 25 squares and started linking them together into sheets.  (The pliers are for scale.)

Tonight or tomorrow I'll start linking all the sheets together and work on the shaping.  It's amazing how a piece like this comes together.


Handmade aluminum jewelry
Aluminum chainmail jewelry

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  1. WoW !!!! You are an amazing chain mail artist Vanessa !!!! Congratulations !!!
    Your idea to create a chain mail wedding dress is superb !!!! I hope you will post some photos when you will finish it !!! I have also seen all your artistic chain mail and beaded costumes and i have to say you are a very talented artist and with great inspiration !!! I also love to create chain mail jewelries and i know how much patience, how many hours and how much effort it needs !!
    Happy creative days to you !!
    Kisses from Greece !
    Mirsini ! :)