Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kali Butterfly on WGN for One of a Kind

Last year the One of a Kind show was my first "big-girl" art fair. Getting into the Etsy pavilion was the perfect entry point into the show and was tremendously exciting.

One of a Kind this year marked the one year anniversary of selling jewelry full-time. Every day I'm amazed at my life--people pay me to do what I love. It's incredible.

While last year the One of a Kind show led me to believe that I really could survive--and thrive--as a working artist, this year they gave me an even cooler gift: the first appearance of my jewelry on television. For those of you who missed the piece on the WGN midday news, you can view the video by clicking here:

Yes, she's wearing my necklace. And yes, I almost pass out with joy every time I see this.

The One of a Kind show also got me some internet love. Chicago Shopping listed my red lizard vest as one of their best picks for the 2011 One of a Kind Show in Chicago. It was a great weekend.

I love the One of a Kind Show. Did I mention that?

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  1. Vanessa, what exciting news!!!

    I can't wait to see what you do in 2012. :)