Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beaducation - New Order and Giveaway Winner

My latest order from Beaducation arrived the other day. It arrived just in time. A friend of mine asked me to alter a bracelet that she received for her birthday. Since she's so petite, she worried about how the bangle would fit. I'll be cutting down the bangle and creating a chainmail chain for the bracelet.

Yes, those are two fists bumping.

As such, I got the Power Punch Pliers so that I can punch through the sheet metal of the bracelet. I love how easy these pliers are to use. I tested them out with some anodized aluminum disks (spoiler alert: new designs will be appearing in my summer shows). They work great.

Punch through metal like paper with these awesome things.

As a final note, the winner of the Beaducation class giveaway is Cheryl H. Thanks to everyone for posting your comments. Hopefully I can do another giveaway in the future and offer another great prize.

Vanessa Walilko
Chainmail Jewelry
Aluminum chain mail jewelry


  1. Congrats to the winner. I know she'll enjoy her class. And it sounds like you're going to have some great new listings.