Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beaducation Class Review and Giveaway!

When Kate Richbourg asked me to review a class for Beaducation, I was honored. I've known about Beaducation for a while, but I fell in love with them last year after winning a gift certificate for the Bead Dreams competition. They have everything that a new or experienced jewelry designer could want, from supplies (I currently have my eye on their anodized aluminum blanks) to tools to video classes that you can watch over and over again.

I recently took the "Lilies and Leaves" class by Janice Berkebile. Their free videos are an amazing resource for jewelry-making tips, and as I discovered, the classes are fantastic too. This particular class offers intermediate students a ton of valuable information. Berkebile shows you how to make spirals out of wire and how to form a lily and leaves out of copper sheet metal... even showing how to correct a common mistake which is an incredible bit of information to offer students.

This is a wonderful project. I've made a couple forays into metalsmithing, but I'm a chainmail woman. This video taught me how to use pliers to texture metal--how clever! I also learned a couple extra tips about keeping bits of metal in one place for easy clean-up and how to lengthen the life of paper templates. Also, can I just say that I love how delightfully tactile this project is? I want to do some experimenting with my anodized aluminum leaves for a brightly colored variation.

I strongly recommend the class for anyone looking to take on a new project. Best of all, "Lilies and Leaves" is on sale until February 18.

But that's not all... I'm offering my first ever giveaway! I will be selecting one lucky person to win the class of their choice on Beaducation. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this blog by the end of the day on February 20 with the answer to this question: what class would you take if you win? I'll pick a winner at random from all the comments. Make sure to leave your name and email address in the comment... if we can't get a hold of you, you can't win this fabulous prize!

Don't wait--enter the giveaway today!

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  1. If I win I will take the Introduction to Soldering class. It's a skill I don't currently posses and would love to learn!

  2. I would love to take the Simple Soldered Pendants class! I have always wanted to learn how to solder.

    Kristi Sagrillo

  3. Oops! I forgot to add my email address!

  4. I've wanted to take a class there for some time! A PMC class would be awesome!!!!

  5. What a great giveaway! If I were the lucky winner, I would love to take the soldering class. It would be a great skill to have.

    Elaine G.
    lainey26 at yahoo dot com

  6. I would love to try riveting rock band (rings) or introduction to riveting or introduction to soldering.
    Cheryl H.

  7. Seems like a lot of us would like to learn to solder. . .add me to the list! :) I've never taken a Beaducation class before, but would love to try one. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!

    Mimi (

  8. I would love to take the Simple Soldered Pendants class too! I have taken several of the other classes on Beaducation. Love them all.
    Debby V

  9. I think I'd like to learn more about PMC? So, I'd like to win the PMC class.


  10. My daughter and I like projects together and she likes the new rivet spin class, so that would be our pick! THANKS!
    Shannon Neill

  11. I thought I had commented on your blog, but maybe not. I love that Lilies and Leaves pendant and it is the class I've been wanting to take. Maybe this will be my chance. :)


  12. Who won the giveaway? Just wondered, since I hadn't seen a post about the winner. Whoever won, it looks like a great prize.

  13. I'm in the process of writing up my latest blog post right now and I'll be announcing the winner within the hour. Thanks for checking in.