Sunday, January 11, 2009

Custom Fly Ring

I imagine other artists feel this way: they make something that turns out even better than they imagined and then walk around the rest of the day/week/month thinking, "I'm a genius." At least, I like to think that other people do it, since I am self-conscious about my narcissistic megalomania. Or maybe that's megalomaniacal narcissism?

In any case, I did something yesterday that has sparked the "I'm a genius!" chant in my head. I made a housefly ring. It's a custom order, and it's just the prototype, but I totally fell in love with it. The garnet eyes are my favorite part, but the legs have a lot of personality too, and that makes me happy.

The finished piece will have a 14K band and the silver will be treated with liver of sulfur to make it black, but this little prototype ring makes me stupidly happy.

Remember, if you have any custom desires, just drop me a line.

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