Monday, April 7, 2008

Jewelry Spotlight - Dragons

Due to a Virgin Atlantic-caused nightmare, a trip to London and Salisbury that I had been planning for over a month was canceled a few weeks back. As such, I decided to get myself something to cheer me up. The result of this self-prescribed retail therapy is perhaps the coolest piece of jewelry in my collection, the World's Largest Dragon Ring by Joseph Dean.

It's quite a hefty ring as it's entirely cast out of sterling silver. It's weighted perfectly--and stands quite nicely as a sculpture when not worn.

Being a fan of dragons and dragon sculptures myself, I think this ring is incredible--the detail is amazing.

Speaking of dragons, I've added a new pair of earrings: Dragon's Teeth Earrings.

Vanessa Walilko

Unique Beaded Jewelry, Dragon Sculpture and Chainmaille

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