Monday, April 30, 2012

Out with the old

As I mentioned on my Kali Butterfly Facebook page, I'm waiting on 100,000 rings for my chainmaille wedding dress. Because of that, I took it upon myself to get rid of lots of things I don't need and don't use to make room for things that I want and will enjoy.

The first thing I chose to tackle, for sheer numbers alone, was my Magic: The Gathering card collection. Since the only thing it was gathering was dust, I decided to box up my commons and uncommons (and some rares) in a giant flat-rate box.

One fixed-price auction on eBay and they were gone.  Over 5,000 Magic cards and 26 pounds of dead weight out the door.  I'm still selling off my rare cards piecemeal... but chances are those will be in a lot when I get tired of selling everything one at a time.

Click here for a guide to getting rid of your junk. I just watch Hoarders to get motivated, but some people like lists.

Vanessa Walilko

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  1. Hurray for making room for the things we really want!

    I'm doing some Spring cleaning, too. One thing I can't seem to get rid of, though, is my huge Barbie collection -- so I've decided to learn to make clothes for them. :)

    I'm so excited for your rings to show up!!

  2. Who knew that great Mailling minds play alike. I get most of my MTG cards on Listia... No money exchanges but I get ride of the OOOH shiny! supplies I buy that I never use. So it's a good exchange. I knew I liked you for your downtime fun, but I didn't know you were a recovering Magic player!