Monday, August 30, 2010

Inspiration Monday - Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar

Ever since I first saw Julie Newmar on the television screen as Catwoman, she's been my hero. Catwoman was smart, funny, and had minions--MINIONS--to do her bidding. And she had a good fashion sense. Julie Newmar played the role perfectly.

So, when I found out that Julie Newmar was going to be at Comic-Con, I had to go. I knew I was going to get her autograph and hoped to get my photo with her. And even though the anxiety of going alone to Comic-Con nearly kept me from going, I decided to put my chainmaille jacket on and go. (Wearing chainmaille makes everything easier.) And she thought my chainmaille jacket was beautiful.

The point of this, aside from bragging about meeting my childhood idol, is that if you want something, even if you might think it's silly, it's worth going after. Because your hero might also turn out to be lovely like Julie Newmar, and who doesn't want an awesome memory like that?


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