Saturday, July 24, 2010

Make Something Beautiful - Chainmaille Belt

I've been futzing with this belt for months. It emerged after I altered the ring size I used for one of my pieces of chain mail jewelry and suddenly had a plethora of rings in a size I couldn't use. And then I thought the former bracelet design would work great as a belt. The ends of the belt, however, thwarted me for months. I wasn't sure how to finish it off so that it looked polished. I came up with a solution just a couple of days ago, and now I have a belt that I can proudly wear. I am a happy lady.

Vanessa Walilko
Chain mail jewelry


  1. Hi Vanessa, I just found your site and blog today and have to say WOW! Beautiful, imaginative work to say the least.

    I wanted to ask if you would consider selling instructions to make the belt - I would love to make one for my daughter and I to both wear (hers would be much smaller, sigh :-) We both do beadweaving, stringing and very very simple chainmaille but are always looking for something new to learn. Please consider it, I'm sure we're not the only ones.

    In any case, I hope you post a pic of your phoenix jacket when its completed - we'd love to see it!

    -Amanda in Manitoba

  2. Amanda, thank you for the lovely words! The belt is actually the first chainmail pattern I plan to release on my Etsy site for supplies and instructions. ( Chances are I won't be able to get it out by the end of the month, but I'm planning on releasing it in early February.

    And I'll definitely make sure to post a pic of my phoenix jacket when it's done. :) I've been hard at work on it tonight. You can also always look at my Facebook page for the latest news on product releases and progress on my epic chainmaille pieces:

    Thanks again for your comments!


  3. You're very welcome.

    On the belt - Yay! That sounds great, we'll be watching for it!

  4. I just posted the tutorial. You can find it here: