Friday, April 2, 2010

Make Something Beautiful - Day 31

I'll be honest, this sure-sign-of-the-apocalypse (but lovely) 80-degree weather has left me a bit freaked out. I continue to compost, recycle, and not drive anywhere ever, but I wish there were more I could do. (Alas, I do not yet have Dr. Manhattan-level powers.)

In the mean time, I got my phoenix back from the Shambhala Meditation Center. It's now back on its perch sitting next to the phoenix finger puppet I picked up at Kemah Boardwalk in Houston. I knew they'd look fantastic together.

I also designed another new necklace for the show on Sunday. It uses these stones (still no idea what kind) that look like smokey quartz. Some have bands of pink and others look like they're cross-sections of flames. With an enameled copper chain and some shell beads, they make an eclectic pendant.

Okay, back to work! I have jewelry to make and tax information to compile.

Facere pulchrum,
Vanessa Walilko
Chainmaille jewelry, chainmaille clothing, beaded armor, and beaded sculpture


  1. I think that phoenix combo is adorable (it's a shame the store wasn't in phoenix, az, eh?). I also LOVE this necklace. I want a close-up photo of the charms :)

  2. I like the set up of the phoenixes (phoenices?). Really, there should be no plural of that word since there is only supposed to be one. But man, I love the colors of the two of those together.

    And yes, I'll send you a close-up of the necklace. The charms are brown pearls and stick shell beads.