Monday, June 16, 2008

Bead and Button 2008

It took about a week to recover from the Bead and Button 2008. Working the booth with Rebeca and Kat of Blue Buddha Boutique was exhausting but a lot of fun.

On the rare occasions I had a chance to step away from the jump rings, I bought myself some presents.

The first was a glass spider from Milon Townsend. Kat was the first to spot these awesome pieces of art. The spider web design in the body of the piece is pretty neat.

I also purchased an amazing ring from Saki Silver (who provided the clasps for Rebeca's Hodo bracelet class). The stone is rutilated quartz and catches the light like nothing else I've ever seen. The picture almost does it justice.

Something really cool to report: Gary Olsen produced a video on the Bead and Button show. He was kind enough to interview me for the production. The video is available here: did a really great job of capturing the Bead and Button experience and conducted interviews with some really talented people. (You can see me wearing my shrug at about nine minutes into the production--right before one of my bead heroes--Sherri Serafini. And right after her is a brief comment by the person who called me a ninja last year. Good times all around.)

Thanks to all the people in Rebeca's classes and who stopped by the booth and made the show a resounding success!

Vanessa Walilko

Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry, Beaded Dragon Sculptures and Chainmaille

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